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BaRRiL Services


BaRRiL Group provides a comprehensive range of services to manage and maintain your technology requirements.

Infrastructure Services

Information Technology Solutions provides a complete infrastructure setup and deployment service.

  • Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance
  • Backup/Restore Management
  • Network & Network Performance Administration
  • Disaster Recovery Design & Testing
  • WAN and Extranet Solutions
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Asset Management

Information Technology Solutions provides product performance and price comparisons together with deployment plans and project management and thereby reduce the impact on your staff.

We examine your current applications and hardware and provide recommendations and options available for you to advance your business towards the future.


Unfamiliar software and applications can cause loss of productivity while your staff comes to understand how they work. This time can be reduced through effective training. We have professional trainers who can train your staff in the correct use of the new software and applications.