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Work-Life Balance
Apr 2017

Renato Dequcinis


Work-Life Balance

Taking your work home, as everybody knows, can be a little bit chaotic. Keeping a balanced life is what we all aim for. Separating your work-persona and your relaxed, home-persona is a challenge, but most of us try our best and do succeed. If you’re anything like me, you have read all the articles on how to unplug from a long day at workyou try yoga, you pick up a new TV show, you exercise, you name it, we’ve all done it.

The problem, at least for me, is that sometimes you do need to get things done when you’re not on location or at the office. I want to take you on a journey with me. Picture this, you have a long weekend coming up, and you decide to get away from the hustle and bustle of your life. Maybe you decide to take a little (well-deserved) vacation—a hiking trip, going to some remote location for some me-time, maybe you decide to head down to the beach, or you even try a little “staycation”—locking yourself up and just tuning out.

Suddenly, you get that urgent need to check up on some work. But so many things could go wrong! What if the Wi-Fi does not work? What if your phone is at capacity and you cannot download your files from your cloud? What if you never even got around to getting cloud storage because of those fees? Are you cringing as much as I am as I type? We’ve all been there, trying to throw our phones in the air in a (silly) attempt to get some 3G going to access something online—word of advice, try to catch your phone every time.

See, what we need is a tool that can handle all of our files and that has easy access. This is where the iKlips DUO comes in handy. It not needing an internet connection has helped me when I’m in little hostels that promise Wi-Fi on their online ads and never come through. Heck, sometimes my own Wi-Fi is acting up on me! Sometimes I will get a little inspiration to do something, and it is so much better relying on proper storage. On my iKlips DUO, I can safely store my files, and password protect them of course, and edit and browse them as I please. I do not need to rely on Wi-Fi connections to access a design file, or a story file, and being that it also has a USB port, I can connect to computers or laptops with ease and breeze.

Of course, whilst I’m on the topic of remote vacations with nonexistent internet connections, I also store some of my favorite movies, TV episodes, and music in my little iKlips DUO. Because my DUO is an extension of both my work persona and my relaxed persona, I store all kinds of stuff in it. I’m all about my balanced life, but sometimes I need to balance my vacations with some entertainment, you know? Once again, you cannot always rely on remote locations and their shaky and flaky internet connections. And fortunately, the DUO supports all sorts of media files, making accessing and enjoying them as easy as plugging it in and pressing play.

So now, whenever I have a long holiday ahead, or a little retreat planned, I feel safe in knowing that all my files are with me. Whether I want to be sure I can check and edit work stuff, or am currently binging on a TV show, I know that the DUO has my back, and really helps balancing my life.

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