IBM To Invest $1 Billion In Spectrum Software-Defined Storage Product
Jun 2017

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IBM introduced IBM Spectrum Storage, the company's new software-defined storage (SDS) platform. IBM Spectrum Storage allows customers to manage massive amounts of data, with the ability to dynamically add storage capacity in minutes. Client data can be moved to the optimum location, from flash storage for speed to archival tape storage, all from a single dashboard. IBM plans to invest over $1 billion over the next 5 years in R&D of new storage software, focusing on cloud storage, object stores and open source technologies.

"A new approach is needed to help clients address the cost and complexity driven by tremendous data growth. Traditional storage is inefficient in today's world where the value of each piece of data is changing all the time," said Tom Rosamilia, Senior Vice President, IBM Systems. "IBM is revolutionizing storage with our Spectrum Storage software that helps clients to more efficiently leverage their hardware investments to extract the full business value of data."

A component of the IBM Spectrum Storage platform called Spectrum Accelerate is a software product that can be used as a bridge from IBM's XIV high-end storage appliance to an SDS architecture. Created based on software from the XIV, IBM Spectrum Accelerate allows customers to layer infrastructure intelligently, with zero-tuning features that can help customers adjust to changing storage requirements.

The IBM Spectrum Accelerate software uses IBM Hyperscale Manager, an intuitive graphical user interface that runs on any browser-enabled device including iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. IBM is making the IBM Spectrum Accelerate software open, allowing it to be run on a company's existing hardware and cloud infrastructure.

IBM Spectrum Accelerate offers full support for cloud computing needs with synchronous and asynchronous replication, multi-tenancy, VMware vCloud integration and self-provisioning. Automation features are enabled using RESTful API and OpenStack.

IBM will also soon release a multi-cloud connector as part of IBM Spectrum Storage that will help customers securely migrate data across multiple clouds. Customers can make use of separate clouds to insure against outages and data loss.

The IBM Spectrum portfolio is available for download from the IBM Passport Advantage web site.

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