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4 Reasons Why Business People Love and Hate Smartphones
Apr 2017

For every business person who loves smartphones, there is another who thinks these devices cause more problems than they solve. Which side of the fence do you fall on? Before you decide, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits — and biggest drawbacks — that smartphones provide.


1. Check Email Continually Through the Day

Smartphones are a fantastic tool for checking email from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night. No matter what is happening in your business, you’ll be the first to know about it, thanks to email notifications and apps that allow you to track your business budgets and projects.


The problem with always being connected is that it can be difficult to switch off, which can have a negative impact on your relationships. If you’re always reaching for your phone, your loved ones can feel neglected and frustrated.

2. Work From Wherever You Want

Smartphones allow you to work just as easily from a restaurant, bar or even the beach as you do in the office. Whether you need to review that PDF report or upload notes you made while visiting a remote work site, you can do it whenever and wherever you want.


Note that being able to work productively at any time and place doesn’t mean that working is appropriate in every situation. If you pull out your smartphone and start working while on a date, don’t be surprised if your date ditches you before the end of the evening.

3. Access Data Anytime, Anywhere

Need access to vital business data while working from home? No problem! Simply open up your smartphone and log into your workplace network or cloud storage facility to find the information you need. Businesspeople around the world are now able to manage info on smartphones just as easily as they can on a computer, giving them the option of seamlessly moving between the office, home and any other location they would like to work.


The ability to access data from anywhere in the world is a pretty clearcut benefit of smartphone ownership. The only potential downside is how easy it is to accidentally erase or overwrite data that you have stored in the cloud. Whenever you store data on a smartphone, in the cloud or on another device, you need to create a backup. One easy way to back up data stored on an iPhone is to use the iKlips DUO, which allows iPhone users to quickly transfer data from their mobile to a secure storage device.

4. Constant Communication

Smartphones allow you to remain in constant communication with your coworkers and collaborators, even when you’re separated by thousands of miles. From realtime collaboration on documents to video calls that allow you to discuss important decisions as though you are in the same room, smartphones equip you with numerous options for communication.

Of course, the downside of being able to communicate at all times is that some people don’t know when to quit. If your contacts keep sending you messages through the night, it might be time to have a chat about boundaries and expectations.


Like all technologies, smartphones can be used for good or for evil. By setting limits on your smartphone usage and using clever backup solutions to keep your data safe, you can ensure your smartphone is an asset to your career in business, not a chain around your neck.

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